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Quality Womens & Mens Dress Socks

Daily Basic Dress Socks are carefully designed to stay soft and breathable so that you can be comfortable on your feet while performing your everyday activities.
  • 65% Cotton
  • 25% Nylon
  • 10% Spandex
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Arch Support
  • Machine Washable
  • Socks size 10-13 fits a man wearing shoe size 8-12 or a woman wearing shoe size 10-12½
  • Sock size 9-11 fits a man wearing shoe size 4½-7½ or a woman wearing shoe size 5½-9½

9-11, 10-13


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Comfort Rules

On a basic level, socks insulate our feet from cold and damp. But because feet are sweaty beasts, socks must also protect against moisture that comes from within. Allowing sweat to evaporate is a quality known as ‘wicking.’ Socks that wick are important not only for your comfort, but also for that of others. Nobody wants to get stuck in a meeting next to the dude with stinky feet. This means you need socks that allow sweat to evaporate before any stench-producing bacteria set up shop.

Bigger is Better

Once upon a time, showing even a sliver of skin was taboo. While social rules have relaxed quite a bit, a hairy ankle is still not a fashion statement you want to make at work. Good mens dress socks should rise at a minimum to mid-calf, or even all the way up to the knee. Beware of manufacturers who cheap out on length. Short socks are appropriate for casual events only.

Fit & Function

Good socks act as a buffer against chafing from your shoes. They also need to fit correctly. Mens dress socks should be as slim as possible while still providing sufficient cushioning. Loose socks that bulge and sag over the top of your shoes are not only ugly, but also unprofessional. A good sock fits snugly from toe to top. Ribbing or a cuff is important to prevent sagging.

Arch Support

To keep a bounce in your step all day long, arch support is a crucial feature. Daily Basics mens dress socks have built-in arch support for maximum resilience which will hug your foot and keep your sock in place. Arch support is essential for stability and to reduce foot fatigue.

Back to Basics

The base fibers of mens dress socks are an integral part of comfort and performance. There are pluses and minuses to each type of fiber.

  • Cotton is highly absorbent, but alone it does not wick away moisture or allow it to evaporate rapidly. This is acceptable if you’re working out at the gym and planning to shower and change soon after, but it’s less than idea for all-day wear.
  • Synthetics such as polyester, nylon, acrylic and olefin have good wicking properties, hold their shape and are economical. Daily Basic mens dress socks are 65% Cotton, 25% Nylon, and 10% Spandex offering both comfort and value.


Hands down, black is the go-to color for mens dress socks. It’s your best bet, but if you’re feeling bold, an alternative is one that matches your pants. In certain industries, it may be acceptable to wear a bold hue — but only when it is deliberate, such as a red plaid that matches your tie. Gym socks with a black suit are a solid No. When in doubt, be safe and go with black.

Dress for the Occasion

For anyone thinking about wearing athletic socks (even black ones) with a business suit, never discount the possibility of a shoes-off work event. The entire sock should be appropriate for business, meaning no brightly-colored logos, stitching or patterns on the foot. Daily Basic mens dress socks are black from top to toe, so you’ll always look like a pro. By the way, if you are in the market for crew socks, Daily Basic has them too.


Generally speaking, socks aren’t sized as specifically as shoes. Mens dress socks are designed to fit a range of shoe sizes. Daily Basic stocks the most popular sizes: medium and large which fit US shoe sizes from 7 1/2 – 12. See the chart below for guidance.

Sock Size (USA)
6-89-1110 -13
Mens Shoe Size(USA)4-88 -13
Mens Shoe Size(Euro)35-4041-46
Mens Shoe Size (UK)2.5-7.57.5-12.5
Sock Size (USA)
6-89-1110 -13
Womens Shoe Size (USA)4-66-99-13
Womens Shoe Size (Euro)35-3736-4040-43
Womens Shoe Size (UK)2-44-77-10